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How to stop excessive sweating

Our treatments can help you overcome the embarrassment associated with excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis.

As many as 3 out of 100 Australians suffer excessive sweating. At North Western Vascular we offer patients treatments that can dramatically improve their quality of life.


Do you suffer from excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can be incredibly debilitating and embarrassing for those who suffer from it

Here at North Western Vascular, Dr Roger Bell has been treating patients for over 25 years. His patients come from all over Australia for his invaluable experience and expertise. Roger is passionate about improving patients’ quality of life and has performed over 1000 sympathectomies for patients with hyperhidrosis and facial blushing as well as treating over 500 patients with axillary hyperhidrosis using the revolutionary MiraDry procedure.


Common spider vein myths you mIght not know are false

A large proportion of men and women from all over the world have spider veins on one or more parts of their body

Despite this, many of us still harbour misconceptions as to how and why they are formed, not to mention how they can be treated. Here are some of the common misconceptions people have surrounding spider veins:



We often assume that treatment for the removal of varicose veins will be costly, and require weeks recuperating in bed when work, socialising and life keeps going on

Many people suffer from varicose veins, but assume that treating the condition will involve more trouble than it’s worth. What many people don’t know is that modern vein treatments have come a long way, and are less invasive than you think.